Hi! I'm Thomas Viktil, a playful senior games programmer.

I have two specialities; designing and building lean system architectures that provides order and flexibility, and performance optimization of code to either reduce energy usage or push the computer to its limits.

Having been a leader on several different levels, from team lead, technical lead, department lead and CEO, I have gained valuable experience in leadership, strategy development, business development, market analysis, budgeting, financing and pitching. Together with my previous experience as a designer and animator, I have gained a holistic view of game development. This allows me to better relate to and empathize with my coworkers, and write more pragmatic code.


  • Unity
  • C#
  • .net
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • web technology
  • system architecture
  • performance optimization
  • team lead
  • game design
  • user experience


Discord: mandarin#2690


My technical responsibilities included establishing a system architecture that the other developers could safely build upon, making a highly efficient localization system, and for maximizing performance designing the bullet and explosion systems in a data oriented style, and creating a custom collision system. In addition I was also responsible for porting the game to Nintendo Switch.

Besides the technical responsibilities, I lead the production of the game, secured financing for production and marketing, planned and executed the marketing plan together with the agency TRY OPT. I also engaged in building a community, and handled developer relations with Valve and Nintendo.

TERROR SQUID won the Norwegian Championship of Gameplay 2019. Part of the prize was to have the game installed on an arcade cabinet. The game lives in a refurbished and customized Street Fighter II cabinet, at the arcade bar Tilt, in Oslo, Norway.

In cooperation with the film crew of the agency TRY OPT, we made a live action teaser trailer. We had a blast making the trailer, and reading the comments in social media made it all worthwhile.


The prototype for Deflector was made during a few hours, as part of lunch break game making challenge. Due to the positive feedback, I spent a few more months finishing the game. I wrote all the code, created all the graphics and animations. With the invaluable help from good friends, the game also got stellar audio and music, and a kick ass poster.

Deflector was showcased at the Hong Kong Game Week 2018.

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SING and SING Me To Sleep

Together with the movie production company Storm Films, we made two music apps for the youngest ones. My responsibilities was programming the apps, helping the animators and audio designers by creating an automated and efficient asset pipeline, creating custom camera controllers, specialized culling system for managing memory usage.

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Statnett Balance

For Statnett Balance I was the technical lead, with responsibility of designing and building the underlying architecture, coding the electronics simulator that drives the gameplay, creating an in-game level editor to ease the job of the puzzle designer. I also optimized the code to make the game run smoothly on even old iPhones, with zero runtime memory allocations. As part of the optimization process, I made a bot that could play the game on its own, and had it run for 18 hours straight without the game crashing.

The game was made by Hyper Games, and I helped them as a consultant.

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Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins

Together with Hyper Games, we made the hit game Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins, which was released together with the movie. My role was to design and code the scene setup, character controller, systems for interaction and navigation. I was also the game designer of the 12 mini games, and coded several of the them on my own. Together with the animators, I created custom tools to automate and simplify their job of managing the massive amount of animations.

The game was made by Hyper Games, and I helped them as a consultant.

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