This is me

My name is Thomas Viktil, and I'm an independent game developer with 18 years of professional experience. I specialize in performance optimization and system architecture.

Clients typically hire me to lead the programming of their games. I'm often in charge of establishing the system architecture which other programmers build upon. In close cooperation with the game designers, I build systems that are scalable and flexible enough for them to do their job, while maximizing performance. I also build tools that aid others in optimizing and simplifying their work.

I have worked on 54 games of which 22 have been made for clients. The other 32 games were all made in my spare time. Most of them are cancelled, some are still in progress, and one of them has been released. Check out Deflector on Itch.

Games I have worked on

Statnett Balance

A puzzle game about balancing a power grid. Over 3 million downloads.

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Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins

An adventure game sprinkled with 10 mini games.

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An interactive song app for the toddlers.

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Two HTML5 based games made for a product series of healthy children's food.


Chess Xpress

An HTML5 based chess tournament.


Hydro Rundt

A game used internally to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hydro.

Post drop

Save letters and packages falling from a plane.

The Mail Through Time

Travel back in time to deliver the mail.

Post Racing

Race around town and deliver mail.

Markus and The Moon Rocket

A classical adventure game about a kid who builds a rocket out of scrap.

Gyro Pacman

Four player Pacman using dining tables as controllers.

Ski Park

Teching kids about Norges Skiforbund.

Loco Monos

Kick a football as hard as you can, but don't hit the monkeys! For BAMA's Bendit campaign.


An iOS driving game you play in the back seat of a car. The car's speed and GPS position moves the in-game car. A summer campaign for Statoil Fuel and Retail

Clients I have made games for

Talks and courses

Data Oriented Design for games

Westerdals - Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology

Data Oriented Design for games

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences

Intro to Data Oriented Design

Unity3D meetup

Developing mobile games with JavaScript

Framsia - A meetup about web technology

Storytelling with games

Held for various advertisement agencies

State of the games industry

Noroff University College

One week course in games programming with JavaScript

Noroff University College


My newsletter is mostly about the games I make and how I survive as a freelance programmer in the games industry. I have worked on and off as a freelancer since 2001, and full time since 2011. If you're a freelancer, or thinking about starting for your self, you might pick up a tip or two from the newsletter.